Understanding the Cesar E. Chavez Legacy:
Activities for Students and Teachers

The Foundation has identified a handful of interactive classroom exercises that we feel encourage and foster an active understanding of the core values of Cesar E. Chavez. The following activities engage students in working discourse emphasizing the importance of nonviolence, community involvement and civil rights.

Become Involved in the Community
Opportunities to become involved through community service, after-school programs, summer programs, and internships

Teatro Screenplay Writing
encourages creative solutions to address community concerns.
The Short Hoe vs the Long Hoe
portrays a sense of civil rights injustices incurred by farmworkers.
A Symbolic Altar
expands Cesar's values to multiple, contemporary meanings.
Building a Cause
promotes civic responsibility and community self-empowerment.
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
puts forward notions of the distinctive power of nonviolent social action.
A United Farm Workers Coloring Book
Conflict Resolution
provides explicit ways to have nonviolent conflict resolution.
Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning Essay Questions

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