In the state of Texas stands a shining star in the underserved South Union community of Houston. This star is the renovated housing complex, Zollie Scales Manor, owned and managed by the Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF). The gorgeous property perfectly highlights the serious need for high quality, affordable housing for the countries working, low-income families, as much as it tells the story of how Cesar E. Chavez' s ambitions have not ceased.
Zollie Scales Manor did not always welcome its residents with a Texas sized smile. Before CCF purchased this property, it stood in absolute disrepair. The exterior of the complex was neglected and bared the scars from the infamous Hurricane Ike in September 2008. Inside was just as bad, if not worse. The lobby was unwelcoming to visitors because of a poorly constructed layout and overly dated furniture that spoke of better days. Some units were not even habitable.

We partnered with the City of Houston, Mercy Loan Fund and Lancaster Pollard to designate Zollie Scales Manor as an affordable rate apartment complex and to fund its renovation to meet the income needs of the neighborhood, with a portion of units designated strictly for Extremely Low Income renters.

After a complete renovation, our residents at Zollie Scales Manor now enjoy the property's new countertops, flooring and energy-star appliances. High quality amenities often afforded only to A-List properties were added to the property, including a redesigned community center, playground, refurnished laundry centers and covered mail center. In addition, the exterior property was renovated and landscape was added to provide a park like environment.
We could go on further with the many other improvements that were made, but we think Nedra Rosemon, our Property Manager, can sum up the story of Zollie Scales Manor best. Rose has worked and raised her own children at the property since 1993. She has been around for three renovations to the property and in her warm, Texan accent exclaims, "This is the very best one. We look like a very rich property!" Just because a community is economically disadvantaged, does not mean it should not have the opportunity to live in a home that is decent, safe and affordable. And as the need for affordable housing grows, CCF will continue to strive to provide the best to the most in need.
We love our  community!
 We are proud
to live here!
Nedra Rosemon,

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