Out-of-School Time Programs
Each year we serve approximately 20 students in Kindergarten through fifth grade at each of our Si Se Puede Learning Centers located on our affordable housing properties throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Our After School Program aims to keep our resident youth safe, help our working families and to inspire success among our youth. Studies have shown that students who participate in our after school programs earn higher grades, have improved attendance, behave better in school and are more apt to graduate. Our focus is to provide our students and families with the opportunity to continue to learn new skills and discover new abilities after the school day has ended.
Our After School Program is enrichment in nature and focuses on Cesar E. Chavez's Ten Core Values, music, art, science, health and nutrition. Although our activities are not academic specific, the enrichment activities will support and assist in the education our students are receiving during the regular school day. Our program will run Monday through Friday and commence right after the regular school day has ended. Students will be provided with enrichment programming for two and a half hours each day.
For more information regarding our After School Program or access to the program, please contact our Regional Coordinators. Contact information is located in our "Meet Our Staff" section.

Summer Day Camp
Summer Day Camp focuses on Service Learning as its major component with additional instruction in Health & Nutrition, Science, Music and Art. It is a 2.5 hour program, five days a week for 8 weeks. Program hours and dates vary depending on the site, click the link below for schedules.


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