Cristina Graham, Director of Administration,
Cesar Chavez Educational Institute

Born in Merced, Calif., Cristina Sandoval's parents immigrated from Mexico in the 1970s, her father originally a farm worker who became a farm manager. She graduated in 2005 from the University of La Verne with B.A. degree in business administration. Cristina worked as assistant manager at a Bakersfield finance company and then served as a paralegal for the United Farm Workers, assisting in labor law cases and class-action sexual discrimination litigation. She worked for a nonprofit organization providing adult education for farm workers before joining the Chavez foundation Education Department in 2008, now directing administration of its programs. Cristina administers contracts, handles monthly reporting and oversees administrative staff and financial affairs. She manages the hiring of quality tutors and ensures all background checks and physical tests.

Cristina began her tenure with the Cesar Chavez Educational Institute in 2008, directing administration of its programs throughout California. Her duties have consisted of assisting in establishing contracts with local school districts for the institute to provide after-school, weekend and summer supplemental educational services for students. She administers contracts, handling monthly reporting, overseeing administrative staff and working closely with the accounting department on accounts payable and receivable. Also enters into and manages contracts between the educational institute and the tutors it hires, ensuring all background checks and physical tests are conducted, and that tutors are fully qualified. She also keeps close tabs the institute's financial affairs to ensure it meets its end-of-year goals.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2009, where Cristina continues to oversee educational institute operations as its director of administration.

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